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Everett Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Navigating the aftermath of a rideshare accident can be overwhelming. As your dedicated Everett rideshare accident lawyer, Murphy Trial Law is here to guide you through every step. Specializing in rideshare-related incidents, our legal team combines deep knowledge of Washington state laws with a compassionate approach. Whether you’ve been in an accident involving Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare services, we understand the complexities and are committed to seeking justice and fair compensation.

Choose Murphy Trial Law as your rideshare accident lawyer in Everett, WA.

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When involved in a rideshare accident in Everett, WA, selecting the right legal representation is crucial. Murphy Trial Law is a beacon of expertise and compassion in complex cases. Our team, led by seasoned Everett rideshare accident lawyers, is dedicated to providing personalized and effective legal solutions. Whether you’re a passenger, driver, or third party affected by a rideshare incident, our knowledge of Washington rideshare accident law ensures that your case is in capable hands.

Understanding rideshare and its types

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The world of ridesharing has revolutionized urban transportation, offering convenient and flexible options for commuters. In Everett and across Washington, Uber and Lyft lead the charge, providing accessible services that have become integral to everyday travel.


Uber, a pioneer in the rideshare industry, offers a range of services, from budget-friendly rides to premium options. As experienced Uber accident lawyers, we understand the nuances of Uber’s policies and regulations, making us adept at navigating the legal complexities involved in accidents related to their services.


Lyft, another major player in the rideshare sector, prides itself on its community-driven approach. Our expertise as Lyft accident lawyers in Everett enables us to effectively handle cases involving Lyft accidents, ensuring our clients’ rights are protected.

Rideshare accident statistics in Washington

Rideshare accidents in Washington have been a growing concern with the rise in popularity of these services. Recent statistics indicate a notable number of incidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles. Understanding these trends is essential in advocating for safer rideshare practices and providing informed legal counsel to those affected by such accidents.

Remarkable Settlements​

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Car crash, limits tender (Briseno)

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Most common causes of rideshare accidents

Much like other vehicular incidents, ride-sharing accidents can stem from various factors. In Everett, some of the most prevalent causes include:

Distracted driving: With the reliance on mobile devices for navigation and communication, rideshare drivers can be distracted.

Speeding: The pressure to complete trips quickly can lead rideshare drivers to exceed speed limits, increasing the risk of accidents.

Driver fatigue: Rideshare drivers often work long hours, leading to fatigue that impairs their ability to drive safely.

Poor vehicle maintenance: Regular maintenance can be overlooked, leading to mechanical failures that cause accidents.

Adverse weather conditions: Everett’s weather can be unpredictable, and poor conditions can contribute to accidents, especially if drivers are not accustomed to them.

Understanding these causes is crucial in building a strong case for clients involved in rideshare accidents.

Most common injuries from rideshare accidents

Rideshare accidents can result in a range of injuries, some of which include:

Head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): These can have long-lasting brain damage and effects on a victim’s health and lifestyle.

Whiplash and neck injuries: Common in rear-end collisions, these can range from mild to severe.

Broken bones: The impact of collisions can lead to fractures, requiring extensive recovery time.

Spinal cord injuries: These injuries can be life-altering, potentially leading to paralysis.

Lacerations and bruises: Often caused by shattered glass or the impact of the collision.

Our legal team of personal injury lawyers at Everett is well-versed in handling cases involving such injuries, ensuring our clients receive the compensation they need for their recovery.

Determining liability in a rideshare accident in Everett

Determining liability in a rideshare accident involves navigating complex legal terrain. In Everett, this can include:

Driver negligence: If the rideshare driver’s actions directly caused the accident.

Rideshare company policies: Examining whether the accident occurred during a ride or while the driver was logged into the app.

Third-party involvement: In cases where another driver or external factor contributed to the accident.

Our legal expertise is crucial in untangling these factors to establish liability and pursue rightful claims.

Recoverable damages and compensation for rideshare accidents

Victims of rideshare accidents may be entitled to various forms of compensation, including:

Medical expenses: Covering current and future medical treatment related to the accident.

Lost wages and earning capacity: Compensation for time off work and potential future earnings lost due to injuries.

Pain and suffering: Addressing the physical and emotional distress caused by the accident.

Property damage: Covering the costs of vehicle repairs or replacement.

Insurance policies under rideshares (Uber and Lyft)

Uber and Lyft have insurance policies that come into play during a rideshare accident. These policies can offer coverage depending on the status of the ride and the driver’s app activity at the time of the accident. Navigating these policies requires a thorough understanding of their specific conditions and limitations, which is where our expertise provides invaluable support to our clients.

Steps to follow after a rideshare accident in Everett

If you’re involved in a rideshare accident in Everett, WA, taking the right steps immediately can significantly impact your ability to claim compensation. Here’s what you should do:

Safety: If possible, move to a safe area and check if anyone requires immediate medical attention.

Call 911: Report the accident to the police, as their report will be valuable evidence.

Document the scene: Take photos of the accident site, including vehicle positions, damages, and visible injuries.

Exchange information: Get contact and insurance details from all parties involved, including the rideshare driver.

Seek medical attention: Even if you feel fine, some injuries manifest later. Medical records will be crucial for your claim.

Notify the rideshare company: Report the accident through the app or their website.

Consult an attorney: Consult a specialized rideshare accident lawyer before agreeing to any settlements.

Hire Murphy Trial Law for your rideshare accident lawsuits in Everett, WA

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Choosing Murphy Trial Law means partnering with a law firm deeply committed to your best interests in a rideshare accident case. Attorney Jason Murphy brings unparalleled expertise in Washington’s traffic laws and rideshare regulations, offers personalized attention to each unique case, fights relentlessly for maximum compensation, and skillfully navigates the complexities of insurance claims and negotiations with rideshare companies.

Don’t navigate this challenging time alone. Let our experienced team at Murphy Trial Law be your advocate and guide. For a consultation and to discuss your case in more detail, contact us at 1.425.835.2614 or visit our site to fill out our online contact form. We are here to help you secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

FAQs on rideshare accident attorney in Everett, WA

In Washington, filing a rideshare insurance claim as soon as possible is important. The state law sets specific deadlines for filing such claims, known as the statute of limitations. Promptly consulting with a rideshare accident lawyer can ensure you meet these critical timelines.

While Uber and Lyft have similar insurance policies, there are differences in coverage limits and conditions based on the driver's status at the time of the accident (e.g., waiting for a ride request, en route to pick up a passenger, or during a trip). Understanding these nuances is crucial for your claim.

Suing a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft can be complex due to the independent contractor status of their drivers. However, there are circumstances under which these companies can be held liable. Legal expertise is vital to navigate these complexities.

Washington follows a "comparative negligence" rule. This means that if you're partially at fault for the accident, your compensation may be reduced by your percentage of fault. A skilled attorney can help minimise your fault percentage and your compensation.


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