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$75K to $1 Million: Dramatic Turnaround in T-Bone Crash Settlement!

Passenger on Bus in New York City Recovers $950,000 Jury Verdict

We secured a $950,000 verdict for a young woman who sustained severe spinal injuries from a bus accident in Brooklyn, New York. Despite an initial jury dismissing a similar case, our attorney Jason Murphy, successfully appealed, overturning that verdict and confirming the driver’s complete liability. Consequently, the bus company paid the verdict in full.

bus accident in brooklyn new york


Our client was on a bus in Brooklyn, New York en route to work. Everything was normal when suddenly the bus driver lost control of the vehicle and collided with a telephone pole. The crash caused panic and left many passengers with injuries.

Our client, one of the commuters on the bus, hurt her lower back and suffered from severe spinal injuries in the accident. Her family took her for conservative medical treatments initially; however, it proved ineffective.

Subsequently, a pain pump was implanted into her spine. The pump released medication into her spinal canal, offering her relief from the ongoing pain.

In the middle of all the sudden disruptions, she repeatedly tried to claim compensation from the bus company.

However, the bus company refused the liability, saying that their driver was choking on a piece of candy at the time of the accident. On the other hand, she could not return to work and was losing her savings due to mounting medical expenses.

In pursuit of fair compensation from the bus company, Jason at Murphy Trial Law took her case to trial.

How did we handle her case?

The legal concept of negligence determines liability in a bus accident. Here, the victim has to demonstrate that the driver, bus company or any third party acted unreasonably to cause the accident, resulting in harm.

However, proving negligence in a bus accident is usually complicated because of the involvement of multiple party/ parties.

Our approach started with a thorough investigation to pinpoint the responsible party or parties. Along with that, we also calculated the compensation she deserves.

Here are the steps we took to obtain the rightful recovery amount for our client:

Thorough investigation

We analyzed the physical evidence like photographs of the vehicle, depositions of the bus driver, and police reports to identify the at fault party. Likewise, our legal team also talked with the passengers, locals, and other eyewitnesses to discover the accident’s underlying cause. This investigation helped us dive into the case and present strong evidence in the court.

Medical Evaluation

The pain pump implanted into her lower spine became compelling evidence that we could present in support of her economic recovery amount.

Likewise, the medical and therapy report also helped substantiate the injury claim.

Talking with friends and family

According to her close friends and immediate family members, she went into mental shock after the accident. She had sleep disturbances and scary flashbacks. Her situation not only caused psychological distress among the family members but also affected the finances. Due to her condition, our client could not attend work, resulting in lost income. Apart from that, the medical expenses gave additional stress to the family members.


The at fault party had no evidence to support the claim other than the driver’s testimony. Unfortunately, another passenger’s case went to trial first, and the jury dismissed the case. Based on that verdict, the bus company attempted to dismiss our client’s case.

Our attorney, Jason Murphy, intervened by filing an appeal and successfully reversed the other case’s outcome. He persuasively argued before the court that the bus driver lacked credible evidence and should bear full responsibility. The bus company refused to come to terms with a reasonable settlement.

Our attorney, Jason, knows the tactics corporations and insurance companies use to tilt the odds in their favor. So, with extensive experience handling similar cases, we recognize that certain cases require a trial for resolution.

Therefore, we diligently prepare for litigation to ensure the outcome is complete justice.

We went to the trial, and the at fault party offered a final settlement of $200,000. With our client’s trust and support, we secured the extended compensation amount to a full settlement of $950,000, which the company promptly paid.

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