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Riding a motorcycle can be fun but also severe in case of an accident. Many accidents directly result from driver errors, like distracted or negligent driving. 

The aftermath of such an accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially frustrating. Medical bills and lost wages can create further stress.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission mentions that fatal motorcycle crashes in Washington are increasing compared to the year 2021. And 75% of crashes involve multi-vehicle collisions. 

However, the main reasons for these accidents are the motorcyclist’s negligent actions, such as speeding, improper passing, and riding under the influence. 

If you find yourself being a motorcycle crash victim or dealing with the aftermath of a wrongful death due to a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to seek legal help.

Even if you ride carefully, another driver’s negligence can lead to devastating outcomes. 

Our competent Washington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Murphy Trial Law can serve as your advocate for your legal rights. We will assess your case and secure the compensation you deserve.

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Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident is a situation where a motorcycle is involved in a collision. These accidents are tragic and have no standard or usual way of happening. Unlike other vehicles, motorcycles don’t have protection for the head, so injuries to the head can be severe. Sometimes, the rider can be thrown off the bike, hitting objects or the ground forcefully if the motorcycle suddenly stops.

Washinton Motorcycle Laws

Title 46 of RCWs, defines a motorcycle as a vehicle meant to travel on up to three wheels. It does not include any additional kits to stabilize it. You need a special motorcycle endorsement on your rider’s license to ride a motorcycle in Washington. You’ll have to complete four tests (two for the permit and two for the endorsement). There are more requirements for getting an acceptance.


Every motorcyclist in Washington State must maintain insurance, with few exceptions. You must carry proof of insurance at all times while on the road. By law, you must provide this evidence to law enforcement if required. 

Helmet law mentions wearing helmets and having side mirrors, goggles, or a face shield. DUI is against the law in Washington State. You can face DUI charges if your alcohol concentration is 0.08 or higher or a TCH concentration is 5.00 or higher. The law aims to enhance road safety and prevent potential hazards by prohibiting lane splitting. 

You must exclusively use the attached permanent seat and follow other passenger requirements as provided by law.

Title 173 of WACs provides noise restriction laws for vehicles, including motorcycles. Excessive noise can result in penalties.

Why Choose Murphy Trial Law As Your Washington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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Our team at Murphy Trial Law are experts in handling motorcycle accident cases with a track record of success. We understand the challenges you face and provide assistance. We can offer a free consultation to help you understand your legal options. Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Murphy Trial Law can gather evidence and build a strong case for you. We can be your voice, fight for justice, and secure compensation.

Contact us today for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

Various factors contribute to motorcycle accidents involving riders, drivers, and pedestrians. Common causes include:

  • Overspeeding a motorcycle or a vehicle can reduce the reaction time for the rider and drivers on the road and cause an accident, worsening the severity of injuries.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication can impair a driver’s vision, attention on the road, and reaction time, resulting in devastating collisions with motorcycles.

  • Left-turn incidents are the most common collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle. For instance, when a vehicle driver turns at an intersection without yielding the right of way to a bike. It results in a collision as the motorcyclist enters the intersection.

  • Unsafe road conditions like extreme ice, snow, potholes, or oil spills are challenging for riders. Due to the low stability of a motorcycle in comparison to a car, hazardous road conditions are dangerous for motorcycles and cause an accident.

  • Negligence also plays a significant role in many accidents. Traffic violations, such as tailgating, not responding to road signals, and other offenses, can also lead to such accidents.

  • Such accidents are also a result of drivers’ unfamiliarity with sharing the roads with motorcycles.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle riders are usually at higher risk of accidents and severe injuries due to the lack of protection than other vehicles. Safety gear can help mitigate damages, but extreme forces in bike accidents can still lead to severe consequences. Some of the most common injuries seen in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Severe head injuries are the most common motorcycle accident injuries that can result in traumatic brain injuries or wrongful death.
  • Spinal Cord injuries obtained in a motorcycle accident can lead to lifelong issues like paralysis, including cardiovascular problems, blood clots, and chronic pain.
  • Leg and Foot injuries like fractures in the femur, ankles, and feet are common in motorcycle accidents.
  • Internal injuries like bleeding within organs.
  • Contact with hot motor parts or fires can cause burn injuries.

Consulting a personal injury lawyer in Washington is crucial if you are suffering from injuries from a motorcycle accident. We can help you understand your options for compensation for your losses.

Steps To Take After A Motorcycle Accident

You might be in shock with potential injuries to you and others. Your post-accident actions can impact your safety, recovery, and possible compensation. Some steps to take after a motorcycle accident include:

Liability In Washington Motorcycle Crash Claim

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident establishing liability is crucial for claiming compensation.

The party at fault is responsible for compensating your loss. The process consists of analyzing the case through personal injury liability law.

To establish liability in a motorcycle crash claim, you must prove the negligence of the responsible party that caused an accident.

Compensation relies on actual losses like medical costs, physical and emotional suffering, and lost income.

Contributory Fault in Washington

When you take legal action to seek compensation for your damages, blaming another driver’s negligence, they can argue, citing your contributory fault. This defense is common against motorcyclists.

Washington state follows contributory fault, distributing accident liability among involved parties, and has a law on the effect of contributory fault under RCWs 4.22.005. It provides that if you share negligence in the crash, your compensation could decrease proportionally.

Compensation For The Motorcycle Injury Claim In Washington

You can seek compensation for various injuries and issues resulting from the accident. The common types of compensation you can claim are:

  • Compensation for medical expenses to recover the high cost of treatment.

  • You can claim Lost wages due to an injury or illness to cover the income you lost during recovery.

  • You can claim compensation for loss of companionship if you have lost your family member in a motorcycle accident.

  • Compensation for emotional distress, anxiety, and PTSD.

Contact A Top-Rated Washington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

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Consider contacting a motorcycle accident attorney if you need legal assistance after a motorcycle accident. 

Accident lawyers will provide expert guidance and support to help you navigate the legal aspects of your situation.

Our legal team at Murphy Trial Law are experts in handling motorcycle accident cases and understand your situation. 

We will protect your rights, collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and secure the potential compensation you deserve for your damages, like medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress.

Contact us for free case evaluation and consultation.

Washington Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Yes, the local condition of Washington can be dangerous to motorcyclists due to factors like high traffic, road conditions, and driver potential negligence.

Mountain Loop Highway is one of the popular roads for motorcyclists in Washington due to its winding roads, beautiful mountain views, and other sceneries.

A Motorcycle accident injury attorney can help you by offering legal advice, investigating the accident, and handling insurance claims. Additionally, they can handle insurance claims, negotiate settlements and represent you in court if needed providing you with legal expertise.

The most common collision between cars and motorcycles is a “left-turn collision” at an intersection.

Due to the lack of protection compared to passengers in other vehicles, motorcyclists are more likely to sustain serious injuries in a bike accident than car passengers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mentions that motorcycle crashes mostly occur on weekend nights. Also, it increases during high-traffic periods, and weather conditions play a role.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Washington

Murphy Trial Law will help you fight for your motor vehicle accident cases in Washington. Contact us if you or your loved ones are involved in a motor vehicle accident. 

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