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Rear-end collision in NYC results in $805K verdict, $1.4M after appeals

Rear End Collision in New York City Results in $805K Verdict and $1.4 Million Judgment After Appeals

This is the case study of our 60-year-old client’s legal battle following a rear-end collision in Manhattan, New York. The battle resulted in an $805,000 verdict and a $1.4 million judgment after appeals. Our victory against the insurance company showcases the impact of legal expertise, unwavering determination, and a deep commitment to justice.

rear end collision case in new york city


It was a seemingly ordinary day in Manhattan, and our client was waiting at a red light in his car. Suddenly, he was rear-ended by a limousine. A sudden jolt from behind caused whiplash and a herniated disc, resulting in stiffness and muscle spasms. He initially opted for physical therapy and rest at home, hoping that the pain would subside naturally. However, the condition worsened over time, and he had to undergo cervical fusion surgery a year after the accident. A metal plate was affixed to his spine during the procedure to stabilize it.

In an effort to normalize the situation, our client resumed work after a month. However, the lingering pain from his injuries kept disrupting his daily routine. Due to this, his wife had to take up more responsibilities.

Our client sought compensation for his injuries and losses from the at fault party’s insurance company. However, the insurance company dragged out the case for years. Even after a major delay, they offered a meager settlement of $60,000.

Tired and distressed, he contacted Jason, hoping to receive just compensation. Jason treated the case with personal concern, compassion, and professionalism. We calculated all his damages, ensuring that the compensation not only covers his present or past expenses but also his future expenses caused by the accident.

How did we handle his case?

Our legal team at Murphy Trial Law initiated the process by consulting our client to hear his story. Following this, we conducted a comprehensive investigation of the case. Likewise, we also calculated all his tangible and intangible losses.

Here are the steps we took to facilitate lawful compensation for him:

Medical evaluation

Based on the physical examination findings and diagnostic test results, our client was diagnosed with whiplash-associated disorder (WAD). The x-ray, CT scan, and therapy report showed the severity of his injury, which required frequent future medical follow-ups. These reports and the medical bills became strong evidence to recover his treatment expenses.

Interacting with his friends and family

We got information on the accident’s physical, emotional, and social impacts by talking with our client’s loved ones. According to his close family members, he was not able to work effectively post-accident, and eventually, he had to stay home. This added further challenges to his financial situation, and his wife had to take on additional financial responsibility. All these disruptions due to the accident affected his psychological well-being as well.

These statements from his friends and close family members became valuable in identifying and documenting the non-economic damage.

Talking with an accident reconstructionist

To gain a deeper understanding of the accident’s circumstances, we engaged with accident reconstructionists to identify profound details of the accident. These specialists delved into the intricate details of the collision and provided us with invaluable insights. They examined vehicle damage patterns, scrutinizing how and where the vehicles were impacted. The reconstructionists also carefully studied the scene’s tire marks and braking patterns. Their thorough investigation into these aspects helped us piece together a more accurate and detailed account of the accident, significantly strengthening our case.


Since negotiation did not lead to a resolution, we moved for trial.

Attorney Jason Murphy took charge of the case and embarked on a rigorous two-week trial. Jason hired experts and countered the insurance company’s bogus arguments to maximize our client’s chances of success in court.

The trial was intense, with both parties vigorously defending their positions. The at fault party’s insurance company escalated their final offer to $90,000 before the case went to the jury.

After deliberating the case for seven hours, the jury gave our client a verdict of $705,000. Additionally, his wife received $100,000 for the emotional distress she endured due to the incident.

However, the insurance company did not accept their defeat and filed multiple appeals to reverse the jury’s decision. This went on for two more years, with the verdict accruing interest every month.

Final Result

The justice prevailed when the appellate court in New York City rejected the insurance company’s final appeal. The court entered a judgment against the defendant and the insurance company for over $1.4 million.

As the policy limits were only $1 million, the at fault party’s insurance company had to pay another $400,000 out of their pocket.

With our client’s perseverance and support, Jason was able to give justice to the case.

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