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$3.23 million Victory: Slip and Fall Case Concludes with Major Settlement!

$3.23 Million for Back Surgery

We secured a $3.23 million settlement for our client, who suffered severe injuries after sliping and falling on snow outside a convenience store. He sustained severe injuries to his hip and arm, which necessitated multiple surgical procedures. As a result, he could not perform his work duties and thus could not return to his job in a timely fashion. This plunged him into severe financial hardship. After a long and contentious legal battle, Jason Murphy was able to obtain this substantial compensation for him right before the case was set to go to trial.

slip and fall incident case


Making his rounds on one of his regular commercial delivery routes, our client suddenly, slipped and fell on a patch of snow and ice in front of one of his common work sites. This accident happened as he was entering a work premises he frequently visits, executing a task in line with his normal course of work duty.

Unable to catch his balance or brace himself for the impact of the unexpected slip and fall, our client suffered a fractured hip and a broken arm bone due to the significant force imparted by hitting the hard ice and pavement. This accident resulted in severe injuries requiring multiple surgeries. He underwent hip repair surgery requiring several metal rods and screws to hold his bone together. In addition, our client also required arm surgery to reset the bone and realign broken pieces.

Our client also suffered from severe anxiety and PTSD in the aftermath of the collision. Persistently battling distressing memories that continuously disrupted his daily routine, our client was subjected to intense mental stress that hampered his recovery after the surgery, leading him to lose his job and further diminishing his quality of life.

Going through one of the most difficult phases of his life, our client sought rightful compensation for his physical and psychological conditions. However, the at fault party’s insurance company offered a lowball settlement that did not even begin to cover his costs. Feeling stuck and unsure, he came to our law firm for help and advice.

Murphy Trial Law immediately recognized the importance of offering him an empathetic and supportive hand. We tailored specific strategies to address the unique aspects of his case in pursuit of the best possible. We also alleviated all of his legal confusion by offering simple explanations of complex concepts and kept him updated throughout the legal journey.

How did we handle his case?

Our team embarked on the legal process by collecting all available physical evidence. Meanwhile, we talked with witnesses and consulted experts to investigate the case further. The steps we took to achieve a fair and just resolution are outlined as follows:

Physical evidence

We secured footage from a nearby security camera to analyze the circumstances leading to the slip and fall. Additionally, our team carefully reviewed property maintenance records to determine if there was any negligence in the area’s upkeep. We also retained the photographs of the client’s injuries to understand the extent of the impact.

This physical evidence helped us understand the accident’s underlying cause and calculate the damage.

Eye witnesses statement

Obtaining eyewitness statements immediately after a slip and fall helped us reinforce our client’s case. The witnesses at the scene of the accident not only gave an unbiased account of the incident but also shed light on the victim’s immediate condition after the fall.

Accident Reconstruction Report

Our slip and fall accident lawyer also talked with the accident reconstructionist to examine the floor condition that contributed to the fall. The accident reconstructionist’s statement helped us identify the store owner’s negligence, which in turn helped us determine liability.

Family and Friends Interviews

A detailed conversation with the victim’s friends and family revealed the financial stress caused by his job loss. Being the primary earner, his absence left the family struggling to cover essential living expenses. The rising medical and therapy bills added to their financial troubles, pushing them deeper into debt. We assessed our client’s non-economic damages by conducting detailed interviews with his loved ones.


Premises liability cases are complex, primarily because the responsible party initially seems unclear. Fortunately, our client was able to furnish recorded evidence, which was key in maintaining a clear and consistent account of the events surrounding the incident. The evidence became the foundation of our legal strategy, allowing us to work with expert witnesses who reconstructed the sequence of injuries and damages.

Through our diligent and coordinated efforts, we ultimately achieved a significant victory, securing a compensation of $3.23 million. Thanks to our client’s patience, perseverance and trust in the expertise of the Murphy Trial Law team, we were able to produce outstanding results and win a top-tier settlement claim!

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