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$75K to $1 Million: Dramatic Turnaround in T-Bone Crash Settlement!

T-bone Collision in Downtown Seattle settles for $1,000,000

Our client suffered a severe lower back injury in a T-bone collision caused by another party’s negligence. Initially, the insurance company representing the at fault driver offered $75,000 as a settlement, which was insufficient to cover our client’s expenses. However, after initiating a lawsuit and fighting for over a year for our client, the case concluded with a successful settlement of $1 million.

t bone collision case in downtown seattle


Our client was going about his daily routine, when suddenly his life took a turn. As he drove through downtown Seattle, a vehicle failed to yield to a stop sign and drove in front of his vehicle, causing a crash. The accident caused severe injury to his lower back.

What made this situation even more challenging is that he had undergone lower back surgery just eight months prior, and the crash complicated his recovery and intensified his pain.

In addition to this major physical setback, he began to suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD after the collision. With his escalating lower back pain and intensifying mental stress, he was left with no choice but to seek further medical intervention. Ultimately, he had to have a more extensive surgery to re-do his previous one.

In the middle of all these, he sought compensation from the at fault party. However, he was offered with a lowball settlement amount. At the end of his rope, he consulted us.

His emotional and financial burden was huge, and we understood how crucial it was to provide steadfast support.

We always kept the lines of communication open, acknowledging and addressing his fears and worries. His choice to wait for a huge settlement on the eve of trial spoke volumes about the trust between the client and his attorney.

How did we handle his case?

Our personal injury lawyers at Murphy Trial Law started by obtaining physical evidence, talking to experts, and working with his friends and loved ones to obtain a holistic view of the cause and impact of the accident. Here are the steps we took.

Physical evidence

The pictures of the crash, police report, and deposition of the at fault driver proved the severity of the impact.

Eye witness statement

We talked to a witness who observed the at fault driver’s action that led to the collision. The witness testimony became strong evidence to support our client’s case.

Report from accident deconstructionist

We hired a reconstruction expert to analyze vehicle speed, point of impact and underlying cause of the accident.

Talking to friends and family

We could grasp the accident’s financial repercussions by conversing with his family. After the accident, the family could hardly manage the budget due to frequent medical expenses. On top of that, his deteriorating psychological health after the second surgery added to the woes of his family.


Prior to the lawsuit, the insurance company offered only $75,000. This did not even cover his medical expenses, let alone his damages and losses.

Following a year of litigation, the defense tried to settle for $600,000 at mediation, claiming that this was their last offer and that they would never offer more. But, thanks to our client, he did not choose to settle.

After a few additional weeks of motion practice and judicial proceedings, we managed to secure a full compensation of $1 million just before the trial was set to begin. This covered his economic and non economic damage and allowed him to move on with his life.

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