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$400K Victory: 70-Year-Old's Slip and Fall Case Ends in Major Settlement!

Trip and Fall at a furniture retail company settles for $400,000

We recovered $400,000 for a trip and fall incident at a Furniture Retail Company. The accident involved our 70 year old client at a shopping center. The premise liability case was disputed, causing a highly stressful situation for her. After years of litigation, our personal injury lawyers like Jason Murphy resolved the case just before trial.

premises liability case


Our client was shopping for her home at a furniture retail company. But, her life suddenly took a turn as she tripped and fell over a pallet sticking out into the aisleway. She hit her head on the ground and had horrible bruising covering her face.

She also suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) with a brain bleed. Her life became difficult as the injury resulted in headaches, dizziness, nausea, and balance issues.

On top of that, frequent denial from the shop owner to pay her the compensation added to her worries. She continuously put in effort for three years but could not get a recovery amount from the retailer. Every time our 70 year old client tried to talk, the at fault party denied their responsibility and claimed that the accident resulted from her carelessness. ‘She should have been paying attention to where she was going’ is exactly what the retailers said.

Her situation was becoming difficult day by day. She was also worried about being unable to pay her past medical bills, let alone cover her future medical expenses. The fear of being unable to settle those debts and the uncertainty of covering upcoming medical expenses added an extra layer of stress to an already challenging situation.

Fed up with the repeated insults and worries about the finances, she contacted us, Murphy Trial Law, – hoping for justice.

She had never been a part of a lawsuit and was initially hesitant to pursue the claim. She needed urgent help, and we understood that. We focused all our energy on facilitating lawful compensation for her. She kept faith in us, and we made sure that her story was heard and acknowledged.

How do we help her receive full compensation?

To secure full compensation, we initiated the journey by assessing the value of the case and securing evidence. Here’s the process we followed:


Our legal team consulted with an expert engineer to review the premise infrastructure and how the accident occured. We were able to secure the expert opinion that the retailer was clearly responsible for what happened by failing to keep the store safe for customers.

Medical Evaluation

Her medical records proved the intensity of her injury, and expert medical doctors explained how her injuries would effect her for the rest of her life.

Talking with family members

Her family members said she lost focus after the trip and fall incident. She was mostly worried about handling expenses. Along with it, her condition was worsening due to the traumatic brain injury caused by the premise accident.


Premises liability cases are challenging because they often involve the argument that a reasonable person should have been more careful and attentive. Many such cases require legal intervention to uncover all relevant facts, including safety failures. We took this case as we believe in justice for everyone, no matter how complicated the case is.

Thanks to our client’s trust and support, our legal team secured $400,000 in compensation for her. This settlement included both economic and non-economic damages.

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