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Veteran Triumphs in Legal Battle: Secured a $1.6 million recovery

Veteran Receives $1.6 million Settlement for Rear-End Collision

Here’s a legal case of a veteran who suffered severe injuries in a rear-end collision between two large trucks. Though the client discovered the damage only a few months after the crash, we recovered $1.6 million for his case. Read more to learn about how he received full justice.

veteran rear-ended by large truck


Our client is a seasoned veteran and was an avid motorcycle rider.

He faced life-altering consequences when rear-ended by another large truck while driving. Given his military background, our client did not seek doctor’s help or complain about the accident, downplaying his injuries. He relied on muscle relaxants and other conservative treatment.

However, a year after the accident he began to experience continuous back pain and weakness, which led him to consult a medical professional. A neurosurgeon’s diagnosis found that his spinal cord was damaged. He immediately underwent an extensive spinal surgery where rods were inserted into the spine to prevent further damage.

Following the medical treatment he sought full compensation. However, the at-fault party’s insurance resisted every step of the way. They argued that the collision’s impact was not significant enough to cause such severe injury.

Furthermore, they said our client’s age and gap in the treatment showed that the collision did not cause his injuries.

The physical pain, emotional state and financial issues were taking a toll on our client’s life. Despite this, he kept trust in us. Throughout the journey, we ensured he could talk to us anytime about any confusion, fear, or other concerns.

How did we handle his case?

Attorney Jason Murphy at Murphy Trial Law began his journey by determining the value of the case. For this, we delved into his personal history, evaluated his medical reports, and conducted a full investigation to analyze the profound impact of the injury.

Medical Evaluation

The diagnosis from the client’s neurosurgeon, which required extensive spinal surgery, proved the intensity of the injury. This medical report was essential to fight for full compensation.

Talking with friends and family members

According to his near and dear ones, post-accident, he preferred to stay isolated, avoiding any gatherings. His family members and friends also explained his financial struggles after the accident.

These statements from his loved ones allowed us to present a compelling narrative about the accident’s full impact.

Thorough investigation

Our legal team gathered reports from accident reconstruction experts, witness testimony, and a review of the at-fault driver’s actions leading up to the collision.


We consistently demonstrated the strength of our case through depositions and court proceedings. Jason Murphy negotiated vigorously to ensure maximum compensation for our client’s loss.

After fighting the case for over three years, our team successfully recovered $1,600,000 for his injuries.

The settlement compensated him for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the impact of the damage on the quality of his life.

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