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$2.3 Million: Workplace Accident Case Resolved Pre-Trial with Major Settlement!

$2.3 Million for Severe Leg Injury

We obtained $2.3 million for our client, who suffered a severe leg injury. The unfortunate event occurred when our client fell from a defective scaffold while working at a construction site. The injury left our client unable to work and in constant pain. We prepared the case in full to be ready to go to trial, and weeks before jury selection we settled and recovered significant compensation for the client.

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Our client, a construction worker in his 30s, was working on a scaffold when suddenly it collapsed underneath him, sending him downward. He experienced sharp, intense pain which required his fellow workers to rush him to the hospital. At the hospital it was determined he sustained multiple compound fractures and ligament damage due to the fall. Our client underwent surgery and remained in the hospital for several weeks. He wanted to bounce back quickly and get back to work, but instead faced a long road to recovery filled with intense physical therapy to restore his strength and mobility.

While he was recovering physically, he simultaneously faced numerous psychological issues. Changes in appetite, sleep disturbances, and feelings of worthlessness impacted his functioning and overall well-being. He also developed feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and sadness over the disruption to his livelihood and daily patterns.

Furthermore, his family faced a severe financial crisis. As the primary earner, our client’s inability to work led to a significant loss of income. Consequently, the family had to deploy their emergency savings to manage essential living costs such as housing, food and their children’s education. To manage escalating medical bills, they had to take the extra step of utilizing credit cards and secured loans.

Amidst all this, he and his family fought hard against the building owner and general contractor in an attempt to secure fair compensation. Initially, the client hired another law firm to represent him. Upon evaluating his case, that first law firm recommended that he settle for an amount considerably lower than one million dollars, which the worker believed grossly underestimated the cost of his pain and suffering. 

Dissatisfied, he then turned to Jason and the Murphy Trial Law team for more aggressive representation. We took a fresh look at the case, focusing on the severe repercussions of the injury on the worker’s life and finances. Understanding the urgency and complexity of his situation, we took on his case to help him address his financial crisis. We kept the lines of communication open for our client and ensured all his questions and concerns were addressed as soon as possible.

How did we handle his case?

Our team prepared a robust case highlighting the negligence at the construction site and the severe consequences of our client’s injury. We meticulously gathered physical evidence from the accident scene, conducted thorough medical reviews, collected testimonials and hired expert witnesses. Our team left no stone unturned in exploring avenues to fair justice for our client.

Accident scene inspection

The team conducted a thorough inspection of the accident site. We examined the safety measures and the condition of the equipment, tools and machinery involved in the incident. This analysis helped us determine liability and establish negligence on the employer’s part. We hired the best experts we could find and convinced the litigating parties that the building owner and general contractor were fully responsible for the injury.

Medical evaluation

The medical records, bills and testimony of our client’s surgeons, doctors and medical experts proved the intensity of his injury and helped obtain full and fair compensation.


We instructed our client to undergo a full medical evaluation from his doctor and secure complete and official documentation of the evaluation process and results. We also talked with co-workers, supervisors and other accident witnesses. Their accounts provided valuable insights into the events leading up to the injury and the conditions on the site.

Talking to friends and family

We also communicated with our client’s friends and family to grasp the full extent of the accident’s physical, emotional and financial impact. These ancillary information sources gave us information about the client’s health and lifestyle before and after the accident. By visiting our client’s home, we understood the financial hardship the family has been experiencing aftermath of the accident. This baseline became important in calculating his non-economic damage for which the defendants might be liable.


Investigating construction work accidents requires a comprehensive approach that includes strict adherence to safety protocols, effective communication, ongoing training and most importantly a deep understanding of the necessity of strong workplace safety culture. Our construction accident lawyer conducted a thorough investigation to determine the contributing evidence of each of these factors.

Though the defendants were initially resistant, our team’s thorough research and relentless persistence paid off. Just before the trial, the plaintiffs recognized the strength of the case we had built and agreed to a settlement. This settlement was more than double the initial offer, exceeding 2 million dollars.

We appreciate the patience and trust that our client showed us throughout the negotiation, meditation and trial preparation process. Together, we secured $2.3 million in settlement compensation, which included economic and non-economic damage.

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