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Reasons to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Reasons to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Any car accident collision will end up costing victims a considerable amount of money. Many people are struggling already, with inflation taking a bigger bite out of their paycheck and concerns about job stability keeping them up at night. At Murphy Trial Law, we hear from many accident victims who have questions but tell us, “I can’t afford an attorney.”

In truth, you probably can’t afford not to hire a lawyer. We identify the most critical reasons to reach out to an experienced law firm after any wreck. Call our car accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

We Can Find Evidence for You

To win compensation, you will need enough evidence to help people visualize how the accident happened. Essentially, we need to prove fault: who is responsible for the crash. If you are 100% responsible for your own accident, then you can’t force anyone to pay you a dime.

Many accident victims are in too much pain after a crash to begin looking for the most important pieces of evidence:

  • Witness statements from those who observed the accident.
  • Physical evidence from the vehicles involved.
  • Video evidence from nearby businesses, if available.
  • Cell phone records for the driver if they were distracted in the moments before the crash.
  • Breath or urine results for an intoxicated driver.

Some of this evidence might not exist for your case. But our legal team can get to work finding anything that is helpful. You should focus 100% on bodily and emotional recovery. Let us turn over every stone to find information and evidence for your case.

We Will Meet all Deadlines

Washington has a statute of limitations for car accidents (Wash. Rev. Stat. § 4.16.080). This is the maximum amount of time you get to file a lawsuit. Currently, the deadline is 3 years after your crash. This time can pass quickly, and you need to get any suit filed under the deadline. If you don’t, even if you accidentally forget, you will lose the ability to sue for your wreck. Call our firm. We can get a complaint filed in the appropriate court if time is running out.

We Can Free You to Focus on Recovery

Car accident cases involve filling out annoying forms, finding information for insurance adjusters, and answering questions. This work takes time and energy which is better spent on trying to rehabilitate your injuries. 

Once you hire us, no one should bother you at home. If claims adjusters have questions, they should call us at the office. No one should bother you for a recorded statement or anything else. Find peace of mind by hiring Murphy Trial Law.

You Don’t Know How much Your Injuries Are Worth

Most people have little idea what their accident is worth. There’s a real risk they will settle for little and suffer serious financial losses.

Our car accident lawyer knows how to estimate the value of a claim, which should cover:

  • Medical treatment, past and future. We can review your medical bills to date but also study your prognosis to estimate the cost of future or ongoing care for long-lasting injuries.
  • Lost wages or income. If you have a full-time job, we can check your W-2 form to see how much you lost if you couldn’t work. But we can also help self-employed or gig workers document how much their injuries have cost them.
  • Car repairs. If your car was totaled, we will try to value your vehicle to determine how much you’ll receive.

You can also request financial compensation for bodily pain and mental anguish. These non-financial losses are much harder to estimate. In our experience, clients underestimate the value of pain. Our firm has helped countless clients negotiate settlements. We can lean on this experience to estimate how much to request for bodily pain, depression, loss of enjoyment of life, and similar damages.

You Want a Larger Settlement

Our lawyers represent your interests. Many accident victims don’t know the first thing about negotiation. It’s hard work. Insurance companies protect their bottom lines by offering skimpy settlements, all the while pretending this is the most they can pay. We’ve heard all the stories.

We know when insurance adjusters are bluffing when they say they can’t pay more. We also know how to bargain effectively to increase a settlement offer.

You get one shot at obtaining a fair settlement. If you agree to an offer that’s too small, you will never get the money you need for medical care and lost wages.

We Are Powerful Courtroom Advocates

Our clients typically settle their car accident cases. But a lawsuit isn’t always avoidable. Some defendants dig in their heels and refuse to settle, often because they don’t believe they are to blame.

Some firms are terrified of trial work and will do anything to avoid stepping in front of a judge or jury. Not us. Murphy Trial Law provides effective courtroom advocacy. Contact us to find out how we can help with your legal claim.

We Can Untangle the Insurance Issues

Multiple insurance policies might apply to your claim. The driver who hit you should have liability coverage, but you might also have underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and/or collision coverage. It is confusing deciding which insurance to submit claims to.

Call our legal team. We have handled Washington car accidents for decades. We know which policies apply to your case and which ones to submit a claim to first. There is an art to maximizing compensation effectively by submitting claims to the right insurer in the right order.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation

Murphy Trial Law has a record of success that few law firms can match. Our legal team has obtained major settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of clients injured in all sorts of traffic accidents. We can immediately get to work on your case if you pick up the phone and call us today.

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